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webcamOnTop  v5.4.0 [over 33,581 downloads]
   View your favorite webcam in a window that always stays on top.
Keep Running  v1.2.0 [over 17,443 downloads]
   Launch any 32-bit program and ensure it stays running.
Keep Running x64  v1.0.0 [over 356 downloads]
   Launch any 64-bit program and ensure it stays running.
EmptyPOP  v1.0.0.2 [over 1,138 downloads]
   Deliver 1 email, or none, from any POP request regardless of user credentials.
SWMon  v1.0.0.1 [over 1,152 downloads]
   Connects with a WebRelay, when the relay status changes run any application.
viewIT  v2.5.0 [over 6,871 downloads]
   Show web pages full-screen in timed succession.
SimpleHTTP  v3.0.0.3 [over 1,978 downloads]
   Speed up web surfing by answering the request for blocked content.
Consulting Time  v2.9.0 [over 3,188 downloads]
   Keep track of time on the phone or at the client site for easy billing.
WatchNRun  v1.0.0.1 [over 153 downloads]
   Run any program after a file gets created or modified.
CountLED  v2.0.0.0 [over 456 downloads]
   Update an LED display via command-line.
POP3LED  v1.1.0 [over 3,105 downloads]
   Show the number of items in a mailbox on an LED display.
Picture History  v5.0.0 [over 2,053 downloads]
   Save pictures from IP cameras at an interval you specify.
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