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   Wiremap terminator for Pockethernet:
  Functions the same as the wiremap side of the
    terminator that ships with Pockethernet
  Pockethernet network tester is NOT included!
  Rather build this yourself? Details here

Wiremap terminator in white RJ-45 jack: $20.00
Wiremap terminator in black RJ-45 jack: $20.00
      ...Will NOT test the shield, tests the 8 wires only
      ...Available for immediate shipment
Wiremap terminator in shielded RJ-45 jack: $26.00
      ...Will test the shield when used with your own
          shielded patch cable and premises wiring
      ...Allow 2 weeks for assembly prior to shipment
   Mount for PixelBlaze PCB:
  Choose Left-Hand or Right-Hand mount options
  Either mount also lets you mount flat
  Measures 48mm x 50mm
  You supply your own screw and cable ties
  PixelBlaze PCB is NOT included!
  Rather print this yourself? Details here

PixelBlaze Right-Hand mount: $3.00
PixelBlaze Left-Hand mount: $3.00
      ...Available for immediate shipment
   PoE Work Light:
  Illuminate a dark closet, under desk/counter, or network cabinet
  20 LEDs bright, on/off switch, 3ft Ethernet cable included
  Magnetic base lets you relocate the light wherever you need it:
    - Side of a network rack   - Under a switch or server
    - Metal door frame           - Server rack door
  Available during a power outage assuming your PoE switch is on a UPS
  Requires Ethernet connection to your PoE switch or PoE injector
  3.25" tall by 4.0" wide (not incl. switch or Ethernet plug exiting sides)

PoE Work Light: $175.00
   LCD Display:
  Data and power connection to Windows PC via USB (6ft cord included)
  Fully customizable, 2 lines of text, update from command-line
  Color selectable model offers command-line changeable RGB value
  2.55" tall, 1.41" deep, 4.75" wide (not incl. USB plug exiting right side)

Blue backlight, white text: $155.00
Yellow backlight, black text: $155.00
Color selectable backlight, black text: $173.00
   Dual Monitor Audio Splitter Cable:
  Allows for left/right channel separation to just that
  one speaker in each monitor, shielded cable

Dual Monitor Audio Splitter Cable: $18.00 - SOLD OUT -  
   Ethernet and Audio over single CAT5 adapter:
  Allows 10/100 Ethernet and stereo audio connection to another room
  Useful with Apple AirPort Express, Squeezebox, Sonos, and others
  Sold as a set of 2, requires your own Ethernet patch cables

CAT5 Audio Adapter: $26.00 - SOLD OUT -  

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